Freckle Juice
Title : Freckle Juice
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ISBN : 0440428130
Number of Pages : 47 pages
Category : algorithms
Tags : best, novels, paranormal-romance, book-covers, covers, novel

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Freckle Juice ( Reviews)

  • Deanna

    This wasn t my favorite Judy Blume but it came close My favorite had to be Are you there, God It s me Margaret This one appealed to me quite a bit when I was young because I also had a TON of freckles Along with my read hairI hated them I loved the fact that Andrew WANTED freckles like Nicky In his mind his mom would never notice how dirty he was that way ohhh child logic Then we have enterprising Sharon who comes up with the idea that she will sell Andrew a secret recipe for fifty

  • Sh3lly ✨ Bring on the Weird ✨
    Sh3lly ✨ Bring on the Weird ✨

    So, I read this with my daughter this past weekend and she said it was just okay LOL We had a good time talking about the ingredients in the secret recipe and if we would drink it and why the main character thought drinking something like that would give him freckles in the first place A cute book, not one of Blume s best SPOILER ALERT The bratty little girl goes on to prank the boy who had freckles and wanted to get rid of them by trying to pawn her secret recipe off on him too I don t k

  • Paul Nash
    Paul Nash

    I remember reading this about 30 years ago and thinking, why would you want so many freckles on your face But I had a fun time reading it Now my daughter is reading this book and Blume s Fudge series I miss being a kid.

  • Mehzabin

    Freckle juice an excellent book about a young boy named Andrew One day he is sitting behind Nick in class and notices he has so many freckles and he thinks to himself that all his problems would be solved if he had freckles It would stop him from being late for school and getting in trouble with his mother His enemy, Sharon hears that Andrew want freckles and offers him her secret freckle juice recipe for fifty cents This is a lot of money for Andrew however, he is desperate to have frec

  • Shannon

    I couldn t get behind this book I thought the kid was stupid.

  • Geoff

    This buch is the prequill buch to Lorne of the Rings, where that little guy Frodjo really wants his Freckles So what happens is Frodjo spends all his days counting Nicky Lane s freckles, and you know what There s was so many of them that he keeps losing count And Fruddjo says to Nicky how d you get them things And Nicky says dummy I was born with em So then along comes a wizard Merlin And he that wizard gives Frodjo this magic ring made of lead And that gave him something like freckles t

  • Whitney

    L A M E I read it in one day, and there is absolutely no point.

  • Lafcadio

    It seems as though my propensity for reading one book I like, and then proceeding to devour everything I can find by that author started early Judy Blume was no exception, and I read this one because I liked her other stuff It didn t disappoint.

  • Montague

    It was about him with his magical marker that was blue and he was poking polka dots on his cheek and everyone laughed It s one of my favorites because it s like a whole story I liked when he put freckles on his face with the blue marker It made me heartbroken that people laughed at him It taught me that you can t laugh at people age 7

  • Anna

    This book tells the story of a young boy named Andrew Marcus who desperately wants freckles so that he does not get in trouble with his mother, causing him to be late for school In his quest for freckles he trades fifty cents for a secret recipe for freckle juice from his enemy Sharon Sharon gives him a recipe that includes grape juice, vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise, juice from a lemon and many other ingredients Once Andrew has ingested the freckle juice he sits and waits, however all that the

Freckle Juice