Mr. Popper's Penguins
Title : Mr. Popper's Penguins
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ISBN : 0316058432
Number of Pages : 139 pages
Category : 16th-century
Tags : best, religion, nonfiction, sad, fiction, author

US Books Mr. Popper's Penguins The Poppers unexpectedly come into possession of a penguin, then get a penguin from the zoo who mates with the first penguin to have 10 baby penguins Before long, something must be done before they eat the Poppers out of house and home A classic of American humor, this story of a gentle housepainter and his high stepping penguins has delighted children for generations Get A CopyKindle Store Online StoresAudibleBarnes NobleKoboApple iBooksGoogle PlayAbebooksBook DepositoryIndigoHalf.comAlibrisBetter World BooksIndieBoundLibraries Or buy for Paperback, 139 pages Published November 2nd 1992 by Little, Brown and Company first published 1938 More Details Original Title Mr Popper s Penguins ISBN 0316058432 ISBN13 9780316058438 Edition Language English setting United States Literary Awards Newbery Honor 1939 , Lewis Carroll Sh More at

Mr. Popper's Penguins ( Reviews)

  • Evan Schwenk
    Evan Schwenk

    The single greatest book of my childhood Nerd alert warning This will explain how much I enjoyed this book When I first read it, I had inherited a copy from one of my older siblings They had written their name in the front of it, because our mother has a weird obsession with putting our names on everything that was ours especially books and clothes When I was sent home with one of the scholastic book buy handouts which I was obsessed with , I told my mom that we did not own the book.

  • Ivonne Rovira
    Ivonne Rovira

    I was really looking forward to re reading Mr Popper s Penguins however, as soon as I started reading this delightful book, I realized that I had never read it as a child Good thing that I was able to make up for that omission now, in late middle age House painter Mr Popper has always longed to be a polar explorer after a letter to Antarctic explorer Admiral Drake, the admiral ships Mr Popper a clever Gentoo penguin The new arrival, dubbed Captain Cook after the English explorer, proceeds

  • Robin

    Obviously, I am taking this too seriously, but I found the financial ineptitude of Mr Popper most distressing.

  • Mariel

    I made all my pets read this to try and make them understand that they need to support ME for a change It s not a good book for getting the good life, unfortunately It s cute enough, though It was cute in a good way, not the Wild hijinks ensue sitcomy problems way I think birds cause an awful lot of problems It was good that the book took that problem seriously I also liked that Mr Popper was obsessed and got into the spirit of his hobby I love to know that kind of stuff about people.

  • Shala Howell
    Shala Howell

    My Four Year Old is just beginning to be interested in having chapter books read to her But as she gets stressed out by conflict of any sort, it s kind of tough finding good candidates for her This is a winner For those of you who haven t read the book, the basic premise is that a house painter who spends his off hours reading about and writing to explorers in the South Pole receives a penguin in the mail from one of those explorers Since his work is over for the winter, he becomes very in

  • Emily

    I remember loving this in third grade when the school librarian read it aloud to our class Decided to try it on the seven year old, who likes animal stories, and was curious to see if I d still like it at this late date Yes, but not as much This time around, I thought it got off to a slow start, and it struck me that it would be odd today for the main human character in a children s book to be an adult, although the rumpled, absent minded, polar fanatic house painter Mr Popper is hardly a

  • Kressel Housman
    Kressel Housman

    My son the nature lover, who is not as avid a reader as his brothers, is a die hard fan of this book His enthusiasm began in school when his teacher read the book to his class, and before she could finish, he persuaded me to bring it home to read at bedtime It s the charming and often funny story of an ordinary house painter who dreams of Antarctica When he receives a penguin as a surprise gift, the adventures begin The book was written in the 30 s, but it really transcends time A fun follo

  • Vderevlean

    o poveste simpatic cu mul i pinguini curio i i o familie dispus s le ncurajeze n zb tiile.

  • Mari Anne
    Mari Anne

    There has apparently been a resurgance in interest in this 1938 childrens book since I have been seeing it everywhere I go Since I never read it growing up I thought I would give a read The story while cute and age appropriate for 4 8 y o seemed inadequate in some way even for a kid s book The ending totally turned me off of the book altogether the father leaves for the Arctic for a year or two with barely a good bye Maybe that was the whole problem I had with the book The father was

Mr. Popper's Penguins